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In January of 1963, plans were made for organizing a creative arts group in Vacaville. In May of that year, the Vacaville Art League became a reality. Over 100 people attended the first meeting and workshops were immediately set up. However, there was no facility to meet in, nor a place to display the artists' works.

Then the board members learned that the City of Vacaville had purchased the 66-year-old Segura home on Monte Vista Avenue and planned to demolish it. In May of 1965, the city agreed to lease the building to the art league, but the old Victorian home needed much work.

Many of the members rolled up their sleeves and prepared the building. Fundraising projects generated enough money for the materials needed. Local businesses generously gave many supplies. Individuals and organizations contributed. Finally, the Vacaville Art League had a home, and the gallery opened its doors on March 16, 1968.GBrogan

Since its humble beginnings, thousands of artists and guests have walked through those doors. The city fathers now have a place to show quality art to visiting dignitaries and to provide a place for the public to participate directly in the visual arts. Its president, board and manager continually strive to provide opportunities for artists of all ages to participate in its events and encourage the public to come and view a wide variety of high quality work created by local quality artists.

The art league largely depends on volunteers and financial support from the community at large. It is only able to continue its programs through public and private support.



Featured Artwork: G. Brogan

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